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Voice & Piano Lessons

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Private Voice Lessons

Private voice lessons allow students of all ages and skill levels to progress at their own pace and gain solid understanding of vocal technique.

The curriculum consists of vocal technique, music theory, aural skills, artistry and performance. 

A variety of styles including pop, mariachi, musical theater and classical are taught according to each student's goals. Including, Solo and Ensemble and TMEA competitions.

Private Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons allow students of all ages and skill levels to progress at their own pace and gain solid understanding of piano technique.

The curriculum consists of the Lister-Sink piano technique, music theory, artistry and performance.

A variety of styles may be taught depending on each students' interests and goals.

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Terms and Conditions

Private lessons are one-on-one, once a week instruction that allows students to progress at their own pace and gain a solid understanding of music techniques. Private instruction covers music reading, music theory, vocal technique, artistry and performance coaching. A variety of styles may be taught, such as classical, musical theater, and sacred, according to the student’s interests. 


Your tuition, which includes one private lesson per week, is dependent on the number of lessons in a month. 60 minute lesson is $75.


Tuition for the month is due on the first week of the month. A new student that begins lessons mid-month will have the tuition for that month prorated. Forms of payment include: cash, check, Venmo or Zelle. 

Attendance & Make up Lessons

There are no tuition refunds or deductions, and no make-up lessons for canceled or missed classes. Please be courteous and call or email if you cannot make it to your lesson that week. 

There will be make-up lessons only if the parent or student gives at least 24-hour notice in advance. There will be no make-up lesson if the notice is given on the day of the lesson. There will be make-up lessons due to inclement weather conditions. There will also be make-up lessons if the instructor cancels and the lessons have been paid. Make-up lessons are scheduled within the teacher’s available lesson times. 


Students arriving late for lessons will only receive the remainder of their lesson time. It is encouraged to arrive a couple of minutes earlier than your lesson time.

Lesson Materials

Materials needed for the lesson include; sheet music, binder, pencil, water bottle and recording device. It is highly recommended to record lessons to benefit the student’s progress.

COVID-19 Policy

The Studio follows the CDC Guidelines. Masks are highly encouraged. 

Due to Covid affecting your vocal instrument and may permanently damage your respiratory system, I highly recommend wearing a mask. I advise you to purchase a singer mask from Amazon or Broadway Relief Project.

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